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Institutional Reporting of Actions

When an institution reports an HLC action regarding reaffirmation of accreditation, it may state that its accredited status has been continued. If it wishes to disclose additional information, such as the scheduled year of the next comprehensive evaluation, it should also disclose other details, including any interim reports or monitoring required as part of the action. Phrases such as “accreditation has been continued for a 10-year period” should never be used. Accredited status is not for a specific period of time, but is a continuing relationship between the institution and HLC that is subject to reconsideration periodically or when necessary.

Publishing Affiliation Information

Affiliated institutions must use one of the following statements when referring to their status with HLC in catalogs, advertisements, brochures and other publications.

For accredited institutions, status should be stated as:

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

For candidate institutions, status should be stated as:

Candidate for accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission

In keeping with federal requirements, when a college or university makes reference to its affiliation with HLC, it includes HLC’s website address and telephone number. HLC urges the careful placement of this information so as not to confuse the public about how to contact HLC as contrasted with how to obtain information from the institution itself.

Should an affiliated institution be under a sanction by HLC, the specific policies on that sanction dictate when and how it must be disclosed when the institution makes reference to its affiliation status with HLC.

An institution that is unaffiliated should make no reference to affiliation with HLC until HLC has granted accredited status or candidate status.

Use of HLC Logos and Images

HLC’s logos are not to be used for promotional or advertising purposes by affiliated institutions. HLC’s Mark of Affiliation is available for institutions to identify their affiliation status with HLC.

Mark of Affiliation

As part of HLC’s Obligations of Affiliation, each institution is required to display HLC’s Mark of Affiliation on its website. The Mark of Affiliation reflects the institution’s current accreditation status and will lead visitors to the institution’s Statement of Accreditation Status (SAS) on HLC’s website. The Mark is a key component of HLC’s program to strengthen the provision to the public of information about the accreditation relationship between HLC and its institutions.

HLC provides HTML code for institutions to display the Mark on their websites. This code will automatically update the Mark if an institution’s accreditation status changes and allows HLC to ensure that only affiliated institutions are utilizing the Mark. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information on obtaining this code.

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