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Student Opinion Survey

Higher Learning Commission conducts surveys of student opinion to inform peer review teams visiting institutions as part of comprehensive evaluations and comprehensive quality reviews. The results are intended to help the peer review team identify possible questions for its meetings with faculty, staff, and students during the visit.

The student opinion survey supports HLC’s efforts to make the accreditation process more open and transparent. It will allow all students, rather than just students who happen to be on campus at the time of a visit, to voice opinions on questions important to them.

HLC will aggregate the data and make the data and all direct responses provided by the students available to the team and the institution prior to the visit.

Please note: The survey and its results are to provide students with an opportunity to participate in the accreditation process and to inform the peer review team. HLC will not use the results for ranking or comparison and will not publish them.

Survey Timeline

Three months prior to the month of the scheduled visit:

An email is sent to all institutions with a comprehensive evaluation or comprehensive quality review visit scheduled. The email will notify the institution of the requirement and include a link to the policy and procedural information, as well as a link to the student survey with specific dates for when the link should be shared with the students, when the survey will open, and when it will close.

Two months prior to the month of the scheduled visit:

Institutions share the survey link with all students. The survey will be opened and remain open for 10 days.

One month prior to the month of the scheduled visit:

HLC sends the report from the survey to the institution and the peer review team members.

Exceptions for institutions with visits in September, October and February:

Starting for visits held during the 2015-16 academic year, institutions with visits in September or October will be asked to conduct their survey in April. Institutions with visits scheduled in February will be asked to conduct their survey in November. These institutions will still receive the survey report one month prior to the scheduled evaluation, at the same time as the peer review team members.



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