Higher Learning Commission


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Name Position Phone
Tamas Horvath Associate Director, Institutional Change 800.621.7440x137
Barbara Johnson Vice President for Accreditation Relations 800.621.7440x129
Rachel Kamins Communications Associate 800.621.7440x114
Steve Kauffman Public Information Officer 800.621.7440x126
Stephanie Kramer Accreditation Processes Manager (AQIP Pathway) 800.621.7440x156
Leverett Litz Systems and Network Specialist 800.621.7440x140
Kerry Lofton Accreditation Processes Coordinator (Decision Making) 800.621.7440x151
Andrew Lootens-White Vice President and Chief Operating Officer 800.621.7440x105
Emily Luken Marketing Designer 800.621.7440x166
Eric Martin Vice President and Chief of Staff 800.621.7440x161
Jim Meyer Chief Information Officer 800.621.7440x138
Joan Mitchanis Records Manager 800.621.7440x155
Renee Munro Assistant to the Vice Presidents 800.621.7440x136
Lil Nakutis Accreditation Processes Manager (Seeking Accreditation) 800.621.7440x113
Patricia Newton-Curran Associate Vice President for Accreditation Processes and Systems 800.621.7440x146
Lisa Noack Assistant to the President and the Board 800.621.7440x108
Karen L. Peterson Solinski Executive Vice President for Legal and Governmental Affairs 800.621.7440x111
Susan Pyne-Torres Director of Finance 800.621.7440x134
Destiny M. Quintero Director, Quality Services 800.621.7440x154
Steve Reubart Office Manager 800.621.7440x112