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Change Visit: Required Materials and Submission Procedures

Institutions must provide the peer review team and HLC with an electronic packet of information eight weeks prior to a Change Visit. The following procedure explains HLC’s expectations for the required materials and the electronic submission.

Required Materials

Please submit the following materials. Any additional items will not be reviewed. The suggested limit is 25 to 30 pages.

  1. Change Application. The institution must submit Part 1 and Part 2 of the appropriate change application as a single PDF. Include access to any additional documents required for the specific change type with the application, such as:
    • Institutional Catalog. Include a link to the Institutional Catalog in the appropriate section of the change application. If a link is not available, please provide a PDF version of this document.
    • Faculty/Staff Handbook. Include a link to the Faculty/Staff Handbook in the appropriate section of the change application. If a link is not available, please provide a PDF version of this document.
    • Business plan, program accreditation, documentation of approvals, etc.

  2. Additional materials, as requested. HLC or the peer review team may request additional information during the review process. Additional information should be submitted using the procedure below.

Material Guidelines

All materials must be submitted in PDF format. Therefore, an individual with expertise in using appropriate PDF software, such as Adobe Acrobat, should prepare the materials for submission.

Documents should be bookmarked, allowing for ease of movement across chapters, sections and subsections. Include pagination and organizational strategies that make it easy for the reader to navigate within the document. Printed documents should not be scanned to create a PDF, as the document will result in a large file size that is not searchable.

Document Submission

Institutions should submit all materials electronically. Please do not submit hard copies of materials to peer reviewers or to HLC, unless directed to do so by HLC.

Documents for HLC

Upload the required documents to https://www.hightail.com/u/AccreditationEvaluations11392107. In the subject line, please include the institution name and specify the visit type (e.g. Narnia University – Change Visit). Do not send any documents to HLC via email.

Documents for the Team

The institution should send each peer review team member the same materials it submitted to HLC. Documents can be submitted to the peer review team via email or using a secure link to a download site.

Note: If during the course of the review process the peer review team requests additional documents, the institution should also provide those documents to HLC through the process above. Documents should be provided in a single PDF named “Institution X Team Requested.”



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